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Experience unparalleled cleanliness with E & L Cleaning Solutions in Orange, NJ. Elevate your brand with our reliable and detail-oriented commercial cleaning services.


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Experience Superior Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange, NJ

Why Choose E & L Cleaning Solutions?

Looking for the best cleaning service in Orange, NJ? Look no further than E & L Cleaning Solutions! We are here to make sure your business place shines and impresses. Our team is all about attention to detail and professionalism, ensuring that your space is not just clean, but also feels welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

In Essex County, we are known for our reliability and excellent service. We don’t just do the job; we go above and beyond to make your business premises reflect the quality of your brand. By choosing us, you choose a business space that sparkles, feels fresh, and is always ready to welcome your clients and staff.

Ready to experience top-notch cleaning service? Call us at 973-326-0068. Let’s make your business space the cleanest and most inviting in Orange, NJ. With E & L Cleaning Solutions, superior cleanliness and exceptional service are guaranteed!


E & L Cleaning Solutions has established a sterling reputation for delivering top-tier commercial cleaning services in Orange, NJ, ensuring clients’ utmost satisfaction and peace of mind.


Our team of professionals comes with extensive expertise and a commitment to excellence, promising unmatched quality in every cleaning task undertaken in Essex County.


Count on us to be your dependable cleaning partner, consistently delivering impeccable results with a strong emphasis on reliability and integrity.

What Makes E & L Cleaning Solutions Special in Essex County?

In Essex County, E & L Cleaning Solutions stands out for its exceptional cleaning services. We’re not just about cleaning; we’re about creating a space where your business can thrive. In Orange, NJ, our team works hard to meet your specific needs, ensuring that every corner of your business is spotless and perfectly presented.

We tailor our services to match what you need, making sure that your business gets the right care and attention. Our commitment is to make your life easier, handling the cleaning so that you can focus on running your business. We believe that a clean environment is key to a successful business, and we are here to help you achieve that.

Reach out to us at 973-326-0068, and discover the difference of working with a team that truly cares about making your business shine. Choose E & L Cleaning Solutions for a worry-free, exceptional cleaning experience.

Tailored Cleaning Services Just for You

Every business is unique, and at E & L Cleaning Solutions, we celebrate this uniqueness by offering cleaning services that are specially tailored for your needs in Orange, NJ. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we take the time to understand your specific needs, creating a cleaning plan that fits perfectly with your business.

We’ve spent a lot of time working with various businesses in Essex County, and this has helped us to understand what different types of businesses need. Our aim is to provide a service that feels personal and specially designed just for you. This means a cleaner business space, happier staff, and a great impression on all who visit.

Choosing E & L Cleaning Solutions means choosing a service that understands and values your business. Let us help you create an environment that helps your business succeed. Experience cleaning services that are as unique and dedicated as your business in Orange, NJ.

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Orange had its origins in Connecticut’s New Haven Colony. In 1666, a group of 30 of New Haven’s families traveled by water to found “a town on the Passayak” River. They arrived on territory now encompassing Newark, the Oranges, and several other municipalities. The area was situated in the northeast portion of a land grant conveyed by King Charles II of England to his brother James, Duke of York. In 1664, James conveyed the land to two proprietors, Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. Since Carteret had been Royal Governor of the Isle of Jersey, the territory became known as “New Jersey.”

Orange was initially a part of the city of Newark, but it was originally known as “Newark Mountains”. On June 7, 1780, the townspeople of Newark Mountains officially voted to adopt the name Orange. At the time, there was a significant number of people in favor of secession from Newark. However, this would not occur until November 27, 1806, when the territory now encompassing all of the Oranges was finally detached. On April 13, 1807, the first government was elected, but not until March 13, 1860 was Orange officially incorporated as a city. Immediately, the new city began fragmenting into smaller communities, primarily because of local disputes about the costs of establishing paid police, fire, and street departments. South Orange was organized on January 26, 1861; Fairmount (later to become part of West Orange) on March 11, 1862; East Orange on March 4, 1863; and West Orange (including Fairmount) on March 14, 1863.

Orange is located on the Newark and Mount-Pleasant Turnpike, the main road from Newark to Morristown, and ultimately to Easton, Pennsylvania. The town became a busy thoroughfare for travelers, and hotels abounded. Initially, the stagecoach was the primary method of transportation. Omnibuses of the Eclipse and the Morris & Newark Lines serviced Orange. The Morris and Essex Railroad arrived in Orange in November 1836, its first cars drawn by horses. On October 2, 1837, the first steam locomotive appeared, and the horses were, with minor exception, relegated to pasture. The “M&E” later became a part of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W), which exists today as NJ Transit’s Morristown Line. Trolley cars appeared much later, with the Orange and Newark Horse Car Railroad Company running its first car up Main Street in May 1862. The Orange Crosstown Line, eventually extending from Morris Street, Orange, to Bloomfield, was started in June 1888. (The first electric trolley in the State of New Jersey operated over a section of this line.) Eventually, all of the trolleys, and the buses that replaced them, became part of the sprawling Public Service Coordinated Transport System.

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