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Choose E & L Cleaning Solutions for a cleaner, more welcoming business space in Brookdale, NJ. We make the cleaning process easy and thorough, ensuring your business always makes a great impression.


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Revitalize Your Business Environment with Expert Commercial Cleaning Services in Brookdale, NJ

Why Choose E & L Cleaning Solutions?

Choosing the right cleaning service is important for your business, and E & L Cleaning Solutions is here to meet your needs in Brookdale, NJ. We’re all about making your business place look its best. We use the latest cleaning methods and a personal touch to make sure every corner of your space shines. We focus on the details so you can focus on running your business.

Our team is full of experienced and dedicated professionals who know how to tackle any cleaning challenge in Essex County. We make sure to use the best tools and techniques to give you top-quality cleaning services. You can rely on us to be your partner in keeping your workspace perfectly clean and organized.

Feel free to call us at 973-326-0068. We’re here to listen to your needs and customize our cleaning services just for you. Working with E & L Cleaning Solutions means choosing quality, reliability, and a sparkling clean business environment.

Reliability and Consistency:

E & L Cleaning Solutions is renowned for delivering consistent and dependable commercial cleaning services, ensuring that businesses in Essex County always operate in a clean and healthy environment.

Expertise and Professionalism:

Our team of cleaning professionals brings a wealth of expertise and a meticulous approach to every cleaning task, ensuring top-notch service delivery that meets your satisfaction.

Customized Solutions:

At E & L Cleaning Solutions, we believe in offering tailored cleaning services that align with your business’s specific needs and preferences, promoting an environment of excellence and hygiene in Brookdale, NJ.

Our Customized Cleaning Services

E & L Cleaning Solutions offers special cleaning services that are designed just for your business in Brookdale, NJ. We understand that different businesses have different needs. That’s why we make our services flexible and suitable for every type of business space, ensuring everything looks clean and professional.

We put our customers first. Your needs are our priority, and we work hard to meet them. Whether it’s a small office or a big commercial space in Essex County, we give our best to make sure everything is cleaned to your satisfaction. We aim to make your space inviting and comfortable for everyone.

Give us a call at 973-326-0068, and let’s discuss how we can make your business shine. Trust us to bring the best cleaning solutions and make your business place stand out.

Health and Safety First

At E & L Cleaning Solutions, we care about the health and well-being of your staff and customers in Brookdale, NJ. A clean space is a healthy space, and we are committed to making your business environment as clean and safe as possible. Our cleaning processes are thorough and done with care, ensuring a healthy workspace in Essex County.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure that your space is not only clean but also safe and healthy. Our approach is all about promoting a good and secure environment where you can conduct your business with peace of mind.

Choose E & L Cleaning Solutions for cleaning services that value health and safety. We aim to make your business place a clean and welcoming environment, where everyone can feel comfortable and focused on their tasks.

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The original English name of Brookdale was Stone House Plains. “Stone House” referred to a rock formation known as the stone house or great rock, supposedly once suitable as a shelter, just north of the present-day intersection of Bellevue Avenue and Newell Drive. The rock was still present in 1802 but was removed not long afterward. “Plains” referred to the plains of the segment of the Yantecaw River which passes through the area.

Early farmhouse in Brookdale/Stone House Plains

Within a decade or so of the turn of the 18th century, settlers, possibly including Abraham Van Giesen, had begun to populate the area along Bellevue Avenue. By about 1750, two brothers, Garrabrant and Teunis Garrabrant, born in 1723 and 1726, respectively, to Cornelius and Jannetje (Pier) Gerbrandsen in Bergen (now Jersey City), owned sizeable tracts in the vicinity of Brookdale Park, Bellevue Avenue, and Broad Street. Circa 1730, Alexander Cockefair, born about 1696 in Bushwick, purchased a “plantation” roughly bounded by the Yantacaw Brook, and modern-day Broad Street and Watchung Avenue. The Sigler and Coeyman families also had very early farms in Stone House Plains. Descendants of these families operated farms, mills, and other businesses in the area for over two centuries.

Dutch was the primary language for many residents through the 18th century. In 1795, the Dutch Reformed Church of Stone House Plains (now Brookdale Reformed Church) was formed, creating a spiritual and social focal point for the community. The original church edifice was built in 1802; it burned and was rebuilt about 1857. The Morris family, which operated mills just south of Brookdale, made a mill pond on the Yantacaw Brook. In the mid-1800s, residents established the first school. In 1873, on the eve of US mail delivery service, the community voted to change the name to Brookdale.

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