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Unlock a new dimension of cleanliness with E & L Cleaning Solutions in Ampere, NJ. Our tailored cleaning services are designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring your space radiates freshness and harmony, making every moment spent there delightful and serene.


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Professional Cleaning Services Tailored Just for You

At E & L Cleaning Solutions, we are passionate about making your space shine in Ampere, NJ. We offer customized cleaning services that fit your needs, making your home or office feel fresh and vibrant. We are dedicated to providing top-quality services that make a big difference in your space, ensuring every corner is clean and tidy. Our team pays close attention to the details, ensuring everything is noticed in Essex County.

Choosing our services means choosing excellence. We focus on all areas, making sure that every part of your space gets the care it needs. We believe that a clean environment is a happy environment, and we are here to make that happen for our customers in Essex County. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave your space looking its very best.

Call us at 973-326-0068 to experience our unique cleaning services. Our friendly and professional team is ready to tackle your cleaning needs, ensuring that you are more than satisfied with the results. We are here to make a difference in your space, providing a cleaning experience that is unmatched.


E & L Cleaning Solutions has built a solid reputation for delivering top-quality cleaning services in Ampere, NJ, earning trust and respect from our esteemed clients.


With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, you can always count on E & L Cleaning Solutions to provide reliable and consistent cleaning services.


At E & L Cleaning Solutions, we personalize our cleaning services to cater to the unique requirements and preferences of each client, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Unmatched Cleaning Techniques for Ultimate Satisfaction

E & L Cleaning Solutions is here to offer exceptional cleaning services in Ampere, NJ. We use the best methods and products to ensure your space is cleaned to the highest standards. Our focus is on making your environment healthy and clean, using products that are safe and effective. Our services in Essex County are reliable and designed to meet your specific cleaning needs.

We stand out because of our commitment to quality. Our trained team is dedicated to ensuring that your space is cared for in the best possible way, always aiming to provide services that make you happy. We are here to take care of every cleaning detail, ensuring that your space in Essex County shines from corner to corner.

Contact us at 973-326-0068 for a cleaning service that prioritizes your needs. Experience the difference with E & L Cleaning Solutions, where we offer a cleaning service that stands out, ensuring your space is the best version of itself. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we are here to achieve it.

Dedicated Cleaners Ready to Serve You

At E & L Cleaning Solutions, our team of cleaners in Ampere, NJ, is here to serve you with dedication and care. We believe in providing services that meet your needs, ensuring that your space feels welcoming and clean. Our team is experienced and passionate about delivering results that make a difference in your home or office in Essex County.

We understand the importance of a clean space, and our team is committed to providing services that achieve this. Our goal is to ensure that our services in Essex County leave your space looking its very best, paying close attention to every detail. We are here to handle your cleaning needs with professionalism and expertise, ensuring your satisfaction.

Choose E & L Cleaning Solutions for a cleaning experience that meets your needs. Allow our dedicated team to showcase their expertise, leaving your space in Ampere, NJ, feeling fresh and impeccably clean. Our commitment is to deliver services that you can rely on, ensuring that your space shines with cleanliness.

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East Orange had its origins in Connecticut’s New Haven Colony. In 1666, a group of 30 of New Haven’s families traveled by water to found “a town on the Passayak” River. They arrived on territory now encompassing Newark, the Oranges, and several other municipalities. The area was situated in the northeast portion of a land grant conveyed by King Charles II of England to his brother James, Duke of York. In 1664, James conveyed the land to two proprietors, Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. Since Carteret had been Royal Governor of the Isle of Jersey, the territory became known as “New Jersey.”

East Orange was initially a part of the city of Newark, but it was originally known as “Newark Mountains”. On June 7, 1780, the townspeople of Newark Mountains officially voted to adopt the name Orange. At the time, there was a significant number of people in favor of secession from Newark. However, this would not occur until November 27, 1806, when the territory now encompassing all of the Oranges was finally detached. On April 13, 1807, the first government was elected, but not until March 13, 1860 was Orange officially incorporated as a city. Immediately, the new city began fragmenting into smaller communities, primarily because of local disputes about the costs of establishing paid police, fire, and street departments. South Orange was organized on January 26, 1861; Fairmount (later to become part of West Orange) on March 11, 1862; East Orange on March 4, 1863; and West Orange (including Fairmount) on March 14, 1863. East Orange was reincorporated as a city on December 9, 1899, based on the results of a referendum held two days earlier.

East Orange was known, at one time, for the shade trees that lined the city’s residential streets. This is still evident today as many of the tall trees still stand.

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